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The technology — and techniques — now exist to make it truly possible

Video games are the ultimate Matrix. They are artificial worlds that we willingly enter through the proxy of a controller. They become as good as real thanks to our deliberate suspension of disbelief. The progression of game design and technology in unison has gradually reduced our imagination overhead.

Hunt: Showdown almost paralyses me with fear, but I can’t get enough

You’re crouching at the edge of the water. There’s a large barn ahead of you, just over a shallow rise. The Butcher’s pacing in there, dragging his rusty meat hook through the straw. He’s your target. A row of tupelos stands between you and the barn. Their spindly tapering trunks…

How four remarkable women are creating a “feedback loop of joy”, and taking the gaming world by storm

SUPERJUMP exists as a place to share the wonders of video games. That is our central reason for being. In fact, all of our articles at one time contained a footer reading “made with love”. This was never a commercial tagline, an attempt to game SEO, or anything of the…

There’s no magic wand (don’t believe anyone who tells you this), but there are some key universal principles

Medium has increasingly become a dumping ground for listicles. Whether you need to know the ten things all successful writers do, or you’re trying to figure out how to be as mindful as possible while taking on three side-hustles, I’m sure there’s something for you here.

I promise I’m only…

James Burns

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